Oh me Oh my . . .

. . . a month has gone by in the bunk of an eye !

just popping in here to say that my favourite scrapbook magazine JOT has its latest issue available to read or download HERE


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another summer giveaway . . .

I don’t know ho I manage d it but I missed posting completely last week, so I am going to post freebies today and tomorrow on official “hump” day.

I designed these to be quite simple and minimalist and printed them on plain white card stock, however I then made up some simple squared paper and printed the design onto that afterwards and I like the way that they turned out.

The outline on the cards is orange so that if you do print them on the grey squared background you can see where to cut.

So – here are both components and you can make your minds up which design you prefer. Download in the usual place HERE

summer cards1



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just a fly by stop . . .

Hi – I missed the Hump Day Giveaway, it was my first afternoon off of the Summer so I was revelling in that and I forgot to post . . .

So, I am stopping by this morning to post my latest summer design, as lots of you will be going or already on your summer breaks away from home, I designed a couple of 6×4 “road trip” cards.

As always they are adaptable enough to use on any of your paper craft projects.

Download them HERE and let me know what you think in the comments.



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Hump Day Giveaway

better late than never . . .

I designed these 6×4 cards in tones of grey so that you can integrate them into any of your paper craft projects.

You can download this at the usual place HERE

6x4 patterned cards

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Bright and Shiny

Well Hello Monday, the last week of school this week, I will be binning the boys shirts everyday instead of putting them in the wash WOO HOO.

SEVEN WHOLE WEEKS without having to was or iron another school shirt or PE kit !

As a mini celebration of that fact and because the boys and I have been talking about how we want to spend our summer holidays this year. We aren’t having a specific length of time away in another location so it will be a case of doing stuff that isn’t the norm or going on days out and possibly weekends away.

I have designed a little “Summer Manifesto” if you will, its just a to do list really, we probably won’t get all of it done but we are going to give it our all.

This version is my list, I designed it to be printed out on a 12×6 piece of card/paper as an insert for my “documenting Life” album.

hello summer

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Hump Day Handout

OK who hid the sun – I had just got used to seeing its lovely face each morning and then it went away !

cloudy, overcast and a bit breezy today, so here are a couple of bright, summery 6×4 cards for your “Documenting Life” albums.

These are quite versatile as you can cut them up into two separate 3×4 cards too.

Have fun documenting your summer check in here every Wednesday for another freebie.

Download them HERE


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Well Hello July . . .

. . . and hello to anyone who is still checking in on me these days – I have a hump day handout for those dedicated few.

I have been designing some cards for those of us using the pocket page protector style of scrapping.

Concentrating my efforts on some travel and summertime themed cards, here is the first of quite a few, I am aiming for one freebie a week all the way through July and August (along with posting at least three times a week – watch this space)

This set of 6×4 cards are super simple and could be used alone or very easily added to and embellished.

Enjoy and download them from the usual place HERE



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